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Classroom Management – Game On!

January 27, 2017 Learning Tools

Teachers spend a lot of time managing their classrooms. Trying to keep kids on task, engaged, and motivated can be challenging! Here are two gamified ways to respond to, track, and report out on student behavior in your classroom.


The first is Class Dojo…check out this introductory video:

Class Dojo works on your teacher laptop, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones. You can set up your class and begin awarding your students points for the custom behaviors YOU add to your class. This is a great way to encourage things like growth mindset, empathy, character building, PBIS, Leader In Me, and more. Your students get to create their own “monster” and can see when they earn or lose points. Parents can join and receive regular updates, see protected photos of the class, and message teachers right in Class Dojo. And yes…it’s free!


Learn more HERE


Don’t think Class Dojo is right for your class? Looking to take it to the next level for your secondary kids? You might want to take a look at Classcraft! Here’s an introductory video:


Classcraft does have a paid version – but the free version offers a TON of stuff you can do to help manage your classroom! Teachers (and students can join for free) and teachers get an unlimited number of classes and students with the free version! You can create custom rules, rewards, challenges, and it works on multiple devices (laptop, phone, Chromebook). Teachers get FREE professional development to help them get the most out of the game, students get to set up their own avatars to match their personalities and join together to form teams, and parents have an app and messaging with the teacher to help them stay up-to-date with how their student is doing in class!

Learn more HERE


Want some help getting these tools set up for YOUR classroom? Contact your campus LT Coach and we’ll help you get going! If you’re using (or plan to use) these tools, we’d love to hear how you’re using them in your classroom! Leave us a comment and share!!!

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