Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

Developed by The New York Times, the NYT VR app for iOS and Android puts users at the center of stories in an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. From experiencing life through the eyes of a refugee, to climbing the spire of the World Trade Center with a professional mountaineer, or setting foot on the alien world of Pluto, the app brings users to places they couldn’t normally go. Continue Reading →

Teen Tips for Appropriate Sharing on Social Media

Designed for students in grades 6–12, Flocabulary’s “Oversharing” animated rap video offers 10 tips for appropriate posting and sharing on social media. Continue Reading →

Education Talk Radio

Education Talk Radio is a professional development online broadcast for educators, preK–20. The show has aired over 3,000 programs with an average of more than 1,700 listeners each day. Continue Reading →

Program Spotlighting Frederick Douglass’ Legacy

Frederick Douglass spent his life fighting for justice and equality. Born into slavery in 1818, he escaped as a young man and became a leading voice in the abolitionist movement. People everywhere still find inspiration today in his tireless struggle, brilliant words, and inclusive vision of humanity. Continue Reading →

Stories Behind Science Discoveries

Tumble podcasts for children share the stories behind science discovery. Co-hosted by a science journalist and a teacher, the podcasts explore how science actually works as a process. Continue Reading →

Did You Miss Random Acts of Kindness Week? It’s Not Too Late!

The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation is enhancing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week (February 12–18, 2017) with an online Kindness Generator that serves as an rally point for activities worldwide this year. Continue Reading →

Code Warriors Assemble!!!!


Recognized by President Obama at the White House Science Fair 2016

Code Warriors is a game designed to introduce children and young people to programming JavaScript, one of the world’s most commonly used programming languages. The aim of Code Warriors is to provide an exciting introduction to the world of coding and help players understand some simple concepts. Continue Reading →

Free STEM Lessons AND a chance to win up to $10,000

The Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education have launched Siemens STEM Day, a website that includes more than 130 elementary and middle school activities, as well as high school resources designed to support STEM curriculum and instruction with digital content. Continue Reading →

Trace Space Back to You

NASA @ Home and City is a virtual tour of NASA-related science that is all around us. Students visiting NASA @ Home and City can rotate buildings and take a look inside to discover everyday items, the development of which has been influenced by space exploration. Continue Reading →

Global Awareness Activities

#GlobalSpeedChat is a worldwide collaboration platform on which students respond to activity prompts, such as “If the world had a flag of its own, what would it look like?” “How do you greet friends and family in your country or culture?” and “If you could sit on a bench and chat for one hour with anyone, who would that person be?” Continue Reading →

Google For Education Announces Tuesday Tips!

Google For Education is now publishing out tips for teachers every Tuesday! You’ll need to follow them on Twitter @GoogleForEdu…or you can check back here every Tuesday!!! Continue Reading →

Classroom Management – Game On!

Teachers spend a lot of time managing their classrooms. Trying to keep kids on task, engaged, and motivated can be challenging! Here are two gamified ways to respond to, track, and report out on student behavior in your classroom. Continue Reading →

Looking For Something?

Sometimes teachers need help finding a resource for a unit of study in their class – it may be journal prompts, project ideas, or an example unit lesson to learn from. Instead of spending money at Teachers Pay Teachers…check out Curriki. This library of resources created by teachers for teachers has lots of searchable and curated resources for teachers. Be sure to evaluate each resource to ensure it meets your TEKS, Learning Target, etc. Continue Reading →

Animated Historical Battle Maps

Animations Mapping Battles in History

History Animated provides animations of battles of the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the US Civil War, and US campaigns in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. In each of the series of animations, students will see the movement of armies displayed on a map. Each animation is accompanied by captions describing the strategies of the armies as well as the results and consequences of each battle. Continue Reading →

Would You Rather? The Math Edition

Looking for a great activity to work through Thinking Pathways in your math class? Want to ramp up the critical thinking and reasoning your kids are doing each day? Visit and get some great “would you rather” math scenarios for your kids to respond to! Continue Reading →

4 Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs

Okay…I’m in love with Eric Curts’ blog Control Alt Achieve. He’s got so many great articles and tutorials on there! You’ve GOT to go subscribe! But in the meantime…check out this amazing article he’s posted about giving feedback to students using text, audio, video, and handwritten feedback all on your computer! Continue Reading →

Emoji Writing Prompt Generator

You hear it all the time these days – “Kids are always on their cellphones!” Why not harness that to inspire them to write? Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve has been super busy creating amazing templates for teachers…and now he’s made an emoji writing prompt generator in a Google Sheet!!! Have you kids click on a tab (2 emojis, 3 emojis, 4 emojis, etc.) and then have them write a story that goes with the emojis! So fun! Continue Reading →

Virtual Chess Club!

Want to start a chess club? Don’t have any boards? Not enough kids on your campus to get it started? That’s okay…using this great tutorial from Eric Curts (on his blog Control Alt Achieve) will get your kids playing checkers and chess online using Google Drawings! Now you can play online…with kids from other campuses! Continue Reading →

Looking for a Virtual Field Trip?

Wanna take your kids on a field trip but don’t have the time or money? This Google Sheet by Kara Wilkins from Lowell Public Schools in Lowell, MA., has a wonderful list of over 150 virtual field trips you can take your kids on! Take a look…then take a trip! Click the image to go to the Sheet.


Improving Writing and Research with G-Suite for Education

Google Apps for Education (now called G-Suite) has some terrific tools for writing and researching! This fantastic webinar from the Google Education On Air conference by Kasey Bell has some really great ideas for teachers to use when working with students! These ideas can be adapted for all grade levels. Continue Reading →

Get Your g(Math) On

Google has an add-on called g(Math) that can help math teachers insert math equations, formulas, and graphs into Google Docs and Forms. I’m not a math teacher, so I don’t use this every day, but I have heard some of my math teacher friends mention that they don’t use G-Suite as much because it is difficult to do this or they prefer Math Type in the Office product suite. So…I  thought I’d throw together some resources to help you make the most out of g(Math) and maybe make using G-Suite for math a little easier! Continue Reading →

A Quick How-To for Individual Assignments in Classroom

Here’s a quick video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the new Individual (or group) assignments in Google Classroom! We’re so excited about what this means for differentiation in the classroom! Ask your Learning Technologies Coach for help or ideas! We’d love to work with you! 

Get even MORE help with Google Classroom HERE!

Need Music for Your Latest Class Project?

Trying to abide by copyright law can be hard when you need good music for a class project. You can only use 30 seconds or 10%, whichever is LESS!!! So how do you add really amazing music to your project without violating copyright? Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day…And A Math Lesson! is a great site for math teachers, offering up relevant, real-world math lessons you can use with your kids. Like this Labor Day lesson: Continue Reading →