July 2016 Admin Birthdays

Kandice had to rock the July birthdays solo this year…and she nailed it! Way to go Kandice!

June 2016 Admin Birthdays

Loved getting to participate in this one! Woot!

May 2016 Admin Birthdays

I think I’m addicted to these birthday songs! Love it!

April 2016 Admin Birthdays

God only knows what we’d do without these birthday songs! Love them!

March 2016 Admin Birthdays

A tribute to Sonny and Cher…and our only March birthday at Admin. So fun!

February Admin Birthdays

The ladies have done it again! Amazing! I was so tickled to get to participate! Watch out for those smooth dance moves!


TCEA Keynote and Presentations – Day 4

Wednesday brought the Keynote and the formal announcement of the award winners. So proud of all of my friends from BISD! So deserving!  Continue Reading →

TCEA Award Night! – Day 3

After spending the day in the Leadership Academy – where they did some jokes using the Simpsons…and served us donuts – DOH… Continue Reading →

A Day of Google at TCEA – Day 2

Day 2 saw us attending sessions at the Google Academy – after I started my day with some Starbucks! Then we headed right into a Google party at Google Fiber and some dinner. Getting ready for tomorrow night’s award ceremony! So excited for my friend, Teresa…she deserves this recognition! Continue Reading →

TCEA Baby! – Day 1

We rode into Austin on Sunday…ready to get our con on! Woot! TCEA here we come! Took care of registration and got some yummy dinner! Then we rested up…ready to rock out the week! Excited to see if Teresa and the rest of the FIVE finalists from Burleson ISD would take top honors at the award ceremony Tuesday night! Continue Reading →

January Birthdays at Admin

These ladies are HILARIOUS! They started this tradition and we all love it! January Birthdays – sung to Adele’s Hello.


BISD hosted the first North Texas Google Educator’s Group EdCampGoo. This fun Google-focused EdCamp was organized by the Learning Technologies Department and the leaders of the GEG – Kasey Bell and Ann Witherspoon. There were great sessions and TONS of wonderful door prizes! It was really fun to host with the GEG team! Come back soon! Continue Reading →

It’s Finally Happened

Forced into bifocals to be able to read my screen. Sigh. I knew this day was coming…but I put up a good fight.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Estes Bunch!

Christmas Door Decorating Video 2015

This year, everyone drew a Christmas carol that they had to use to decorate their door. Our team got Santa Baby. We won the Clark W. Griswald award…we may have gone a little overboard! Ha ha! Love it! Continue Reading →

December Admin Birthdays

So honored to have my name sung in the Admin Bldg. birthday song for December. I love my work peeps.

Secret Santa Slam Dunk

I love being someone’s Secret Santa…especially if you’ve got a lot of options to work with. I got my friend April…and I loved surprising her each week. For the day of the Admin Christmas party, I decorated her office “ELF” style! And it worked out perfectly…because she even dressed like an elf! LOVED IT! After our final reveal gift, she posted on Facebook asking Santa to be like me. Too sweet! What fun! Continue Reading →


Got to take a tour of the new STEAM Middle School campus today. Super excited to see how this turns out! Love the layout…and the hats we get to wear! ha ha!

STEAM Parent Night Social Media

I was invited to the STEAM Middle School parent night to give a presentation on middle school kids and social media! Thanks for having me in, Wolverines!

North Pole Patrol

Every year we video conference with Santa at the North Pole. I am North Pole Patrol – I run around to campuses and help the kids connect with Santa. This usually involves lots of equipment set up, prepping the kids for talking virtually with Santa…and singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer all day long. It’s become a BISD tradition. Continue Reading →

Hour of Code Teacher Training

A bunch of teachers gave up their free time to join us for an Hour of Code training from They got hands-on training and goodies to take back to their classroom an use!


WW1 Museum

The kids in the American Studies class at Centennial HS – a class that combines US History and English III – created a WW1 museum. Students had to research their topic, create a physical display, and create a digital display as well. Here’s their work. It was really fun to listen to the kids act as docents for their exhibits. Continue Reading →

Google Expeditions at KMS

Our 6th grade social studies team were Expedition pioneers and Google came to visit with the Expedition kits! Great day! I don’t have photos of the kids right now, but I’ll try to get some.