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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Kappa Delta Pi

I’m happy to announce my official initiation into Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education. I was asked to join the Lamar University chapter and have completed all of the requirements for membership! Woot! Feelin’ kinda Old School! You’re my boy, Blue!

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Playtime…Old School Style!

Introduced my boys to Spirograph (couldn’t believe Hobby Lobby had one!) this week. Sometimes…it’s just awesome to go old school. They were fascinated…mesmerized…frustrated that I was BETTER at it than them! Ha ha! Sometimes it’s good to just kick it old school and unplug.

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You have to thank them.

This is my son, Zachary….dancing with his teacher, Mrs. James. We love her. She loves our son and works hard every day to help Zachary learn. Having an Autistic kid isn’t easy, but when you have back-up like this…it isn’t as hard. Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers […]

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Dare I Say It? Change the World!

So, apparently one of the perks of being an award finalist/winner at TCEA is that you get to sit up front for the Keynote! That’s right…within mere feet of Bill Nye the Science Guy! It was an interesting and lively keynote…my biggest take-away, I think (I’m still processing), was his comment […]

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Woo hoo! It’s TCEA time, baby!

So excited to be all checked in to my room in Austin! TCEA starts tomorrow. I’m good to go…got my nifty TCEA backpack, the app, and a plan! Watch out world…here I come! Excited about the awards on Tuesday night, too! So exciting to be a finalist for Instructional Technologist […]

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