Kim Estes

I am an educator. a risk taker. creative. innovative. passionate. collaborative. a Starbucks addict. ready to get to work.


If a picture is worth a thousand words…then here are a couple million to keep you up-to-date on what I’ve been doing lately!

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Anything that happened before 2013...or as my kids would say "Back in the Day"

CHS PBL Training 2012

Karen Ray, Lisa Pilgrim, and I provided CHS teachers with an introduction to PBL...using an Alice in Wonderland theme! So fun! July 2012

My Daughter's Wedding 2012

Just had to share a few pics from my daughter's bridal portraits and wedding. So glad she's found her forever someone! June 2012

TCEA 2012

Superhero themed year...and we had a blast! Learned a ton! February 2012

Santa Claus Video Conference 2011

Every year we connect kids with Santa for story time and to go over their letters (checking his list twice)! This year we made the papers! December 2011

BISD LT Robotics Summer Camp 2011

One of our two summer camps this year was an advanced robotics camp. My son attended and had a great time programming and competing against other campers. June 2011

BISD LT Summer Camp 2011

One of our two summer camps this year was Ocean Quest - a technology camp all about the ocean! Kids programmed robots for underwater retrieval, studied ocean life and made multimedia presentations about their favorite fish or mammal, and we built a life-size Blue Whale out of trashbags and inflated it in the BHS could go inside!! Then we tooke everyone to the Dallas Aquarium where they used our iPod Touches to take photos and send postcards to their parents about what they were learning! June 2011

Mom Wins Humanitarian Award 2011

Proud to be able to attend graduation this year as my mother received the Humanitarian of the Year award for Prairie View A&M University. Well deserved! May 2011

TCEA 2011

Back at it for lots of learning in Austin! February 2011

Masters in Ed Tech Leadership 2011

Couldn't go to graduation, so Lamar University mailed my my Masters' in Educational Technology Leadership! That makes Masters' Degree #2! January 2011

Alan November in Dallas 2010

Got to go hear Alan November speak in Dallas and compared photos with him from the last time we met! Also got to see where JFK was assassinated. Hadn't been there before. June 2010

BISD LT Summer Camp 2010

This year's camp was a physics in motion camp. Students learned about programming robots to complete specific tasks, built and fired rockets, made bridges that could hold weights, and got to go to Texas A&M to witness a real crash-test! June 2010

TAKS Bowl 2010

Used our brand new sets of eInstruction student response devices to do a schoolwide TAKS review competition. Juniors competed for prizes and bragging rights while reviewing TAKS materials. April 2010

iPod Touches in the Classroom 2010

Our department purchased a cart of iPod touches and I got to use them for the first time with students in Mrs. Mehaffey's class at Crossroads High School! April 2010

TXDLA Conference 2010

Attended the Texas Distance Learning Association conference this summer! March 2010


Blessed and honored to be asked to speak on leadership at the PVAMU LULAC Boot Camp. Great group of young leaders! February 2010

Rich Allen 2010

Rich Allen, author of Green Light Classrooms, came to Burleson ISD to do a training and I got to spend our lunch time conversing with him. Fun guy! February 2010

TCEA 2010

Took a huge group of teachers and administrators to TCEA this year! Great time and lots of learning! February 2010

I Met Robert Marzano 2009

Another training...and I got to meet Robert Marzano! Photo is blurry...but the memory isn't. Great info and great presentation. September 2009

Testing Data Workshop 2009

Headed to Houston with our IC friends to learn about understanding standardized test data. After all that needs the Hula Hut. Seriously - check out the size of the binders! September 2009

White Oak ISD 2009

My buddy Jana Hoover (BHS) and I went to White Oak ISD to present during their teacher Spring PD! June 2009

Instructional Coach Workshop 2009

Loaded up with our fellow Instructional Coaches to go to a workshop in Houston. Someone in our district publicly called ICs I made FLUFF shirts for everyone...according to their personalities or job...mine said FLUFF YOU! LOL! June 2009

TCEA 2009

Another trip to present at TCEA - this time with teachers from BHS and Crossroads HS. Love these peeps! Not sure why the pics of me and Sandra are so small...but there it is. February 2009

Downlink with ISS 2008

In June of 2008 we won a grant for a downlink with the International Space Station. The event was preceded by a week-long space camp for students. Here are some pics from the event. June 2008

TCEA 2008

Blessed to go to TCEA with some great teachers and friends...and to hear Sally Ride, NASA Astronaut, speak. Our boss, Evan Farris, conducted an all educator choir in the national anthem as well. February 2008