Kim Estes

I am an educator. a risk taker. creative. innovative. passionate. collaborative. a Starbucks addict. ready to get to work.


If a picture is worth a thousand words…then here are a couple million to keep you up-to-date on what I’ve been doing lately! Click on a year to see the album.

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This year we all got Christmas carols to use as inspiration for decorating our doors. We got Santa Baby. Here's our door/area. We won the Clark W. Griswald award for creativity. 12/17/2015

I love being someone's Secret Santa...especially if you've got a lot of options to work with. I got my friend April...and I loved surprising her each week. For the day of the Admin Christmas party, I decorated her office "ELF" style! And it worked out perfectly...because she even dressed like an elf! LOVED IT! After our final reveal gift, she posted on Facebook asking Santa to be like me. Too sweet! What fun! 12/16/2015

Every year we video conference with Santa at the North Pole. I am North Pole Patrol - I run around to campuses and help the kids connect with Santa. This usually involves lots of equipment set up, prepping the kids for talking virtually with Santa...and singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer all day long. It's become a BISD tradition. This year, it fell on my birthday week! 12/7/2015

A bunch of teachers gave up their free time to join us for an Hour of Code training from They got hands-on training and goodies to take back to their classroom an use! 11/14/2015

The kids in the American Studies class at Centennial HS - a class that combines US History and English III - created a WW1 museum. Students had to research their topic, create a physical display, and create a digital display as well. Here's their work. It was really fun to listen to the kids act as docents for their exhibits. 11/10/2015

district events. This time we got to take photos of the wonderful kids who attended the Special Education Field Day in October. I won't publish photos of the kids, but here we are. 10/27/2015

Our 6th grade Social Studies team at KMS used Google Cardboard in a blended lesson with students. The Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, and Principal of the campus came over to learn with the students. 10/22/2015

Got to run to Coppell ISD with the team from The REALM to look at different learning spaces, talk about blended and online learning, and generally get inspired. So may neat spaces and ideas! 10/16/2015

I presented at Region 11's TechStock 2015. The room was pretty packed...I was really stoked...and I got the room with all the comfy furniture too! Great sessions, great learning! 9/26/2015

My friend and STEAM teacher, Wayne Thames, had his students enact an actual copyright case in their classroom. Taking advantage of the working courtroom at Centennial HS, the kids divided up, researched, and then tried the case in front of their judge (Mr. Thames – robe and all). Real world learning. 9/25/2015

After Convocation, we all ran down to the STEAM middle school to start prepping their Chromebooks for their 1:1 roll out. I love that I get to work with people who will stop what their doing and help one another. I love the people I work with! 8/7/2015

This year, principals and directors did a Jimmy Fallon style History of Rap lip sync, and Jon Gordon (author of The Energy Bus) was our speaker. Time to start the year. 8/17/2015

Attended the 2015 Prime Digital Learning Conference at Region 11 this year. Great speakers and really fun! 8/7/2015

Burleson ISD hosted and I got to present at the Google Texas Roadshow. Some of our teachers and librarians got to serve on a panel for the event. It was fun to be around people who are excited about learning. 7/22/2015

I was asked to Keynote and Co-Present with my friend Eileen Huang with Google for the Texas ASCD Ignite 2015 Conference. Had a great time! 6/16/2015

Loved this project with 11th grade teachers from CHS. Students created a business, product, app, or service connected to literature or literacy and pitched it like on Shark Tank. They did a lot more than that - see blog post for more info! 5/7/2015

I presented at TXGoo 2015 in New Caney. Took the hubby with me as he'd never been to a tech conference before. Had a great time! 5/16/2015

So...I MAY have sent out a photo of my boss and the link to a meme generator to everyone in the admin building. Maybe. 4/1/2015

Got to meet Eric Sheninger at Region 11 today! Got him to sign my book! 3/31/2015

My district put me on a billboard for my IT of the Year award! Such a great surprise! 3/27/2015

I love it when you walk into a classroom and see evidence of tech integration in the little reminders on a board and a list of Geek Squad Members...and parent night Kahoots! 3/4/2015

A week of learning, networking, and brining home an award. Fantastic fun! 2/1 - 2/6/2015