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#Create Literary Magazine

  • June 15, 2017
  • Kim Estes
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Ever since I taught 9th and 11th grade English at Burleson HS, I’ve been impressed with the level of talent in Burleson ISD. I’ve always wanted to start a literary magazine to showcase student and staff talent. This year, I got to do just that…with a little extra flair! With a group of volunteer students and staff, I was able to get #create started. Couldn’t be more proud of this preview issue and I look forward to our first fall edition and transferring a lot of the decision making over to the students. This is our first run…a preview edition…to help us figure out the process, figure out timelines, and work with the tools used to create the magazine. #create is an all-volunteer, zero-budget magazine. Submissions are collected through a Google form, blind-selected through a voting process, and the magazine is created in Google slides and then uploaded to our #crate free account. You can view the whole magazine here:


When I left Burleson ISD, #Create was given to Branson Elementary School – the district’s Fine Arts School as their project to run.