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  • June 30, 2017
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At TXGoo 2017 in May I gave away some stuffed unicorns as door prizes because I taught my Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness class. I had no idea they’d be so popular or lead to a world tour. Kimberly McCorkle won the purple unicorn and, since she’s a geography teacher, decided to take the unicorn with her on her summer trip to Iceland and England! She started tweeting me pictures and #unicornworldtour was born!

Our unicorn was KIDNAPPED in Reykjavik, Iceland by a TROLL!

But never fear…he was rescued and ready to pose for more photos on the trip!

  I just couldn’t resist plotting the trips for her students on a map…so she could share it with them in the fall! Here’s the map –

And of course, I blogged about it on our BISD Learn Tech website – And now the unicorn (who will get a name chosen by her students in the fall) will have a traveling companion thanks to the guys at Pear Deck.

I love my job and I love that twitter and a tech conference helped me find someone as whimsical and fun as Kimberly!