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TIA Con 2019

  • March 20, 2019
  • Kim Estes
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So excited! Just found out all 3 of the sessions I submitted were selected for TIA in Denton! If you don’t attend the Technology In Action conference in Denton ISD, you are missing out! It’s an amazing event with practical, real-world application presentations that you can take back to your classroom and use immediately! So excited!

The three sessions I’m doing are:

Session Title: Google Maps in Every Content Area

Session Description: Google Maps is a hidden gem that can be integrated into every content area! Come learn how to use this amazing tool in every class from the core to electives (even PE and Dance). Learn how to set up your maps, get best practices tips and tricks, and leave with LOADS of pre-made maps and ideas for your content area.

Session Title: Google AR/VR in the Classroom

Session Description: Come experience Google Expeditions VR in an interactive, cross-curricular lesson that demonstrates just how you can use this immersive tech for student learning and demonstration of mastery. Teachers will grab a headset and walk through a lesson, with best practices tips & tricks and all materials provided for you take with you! New to VR or just trying to figure out how to make it work in the classroom…you’ll enjoy this exploration of Google Expedition VR.

Session Title: Google Tour Creator: Learning in 360 Degrees

Session Description: Come learn how to use Google Tour Creator to create amazing 360 degree learning tools for your students…and how to teach THEM to demonstrate mastery in 360 degrees! We will build a tour together as a class, step by step, and I’ll share TONS of great ideas for ALL content areas! Get your learning on in 360 degrees! We’ll even talk about how to use this tool to showcase your special programs, campus, and district!