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Virtual Reality PD

February 21, 2017 Professional Development

The virtual reality program Mursion simulates a typical classroom environment, giving teachers the opportunity to practice classroom management techniques and instructional strategies. The program features a classroom of virtual students that mimic real student behaviors. Mursion works by using a combination of artificial intelligence and live actors to deliver personalized simulations. For example, the student avatars have a range of personalities, from the first student to raise a hand to the distracted, shy student. Rather than wearing headsets or other devices with the technology, participants stand in front of a large screen that projects a virtual classroom. They can interact with the avatars, receiving immediate feedback from both peers and instructors. Additionally, the program provides easy-to-capture analytics that can inform future training plans. Visitors to the website can see Mursion in action.

Plus: Virtual simulation can be used to both improve the communication and social skills of children with autism and train teachers, social workers, and behavioral therapists who regularly work with these children. The website features examples of how Mursion’s platform is being leveraged in this emerging field.

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