The Summer of BreakoutEDU

July 27, 2017 Professional Development

Our LT Lindsay Foster was a huge advocate for bringing BreakoutEDU to Burleson ISD and our teachers and students are loving it! All of our BreakoutEDU Academies have been crowded and the boxes stay checked out to teachers all year long!

In our training, attendees participated in a 45 minute breakout, to expose them to the platform. Many had never experienced a lesson in this format and the learning that took place was amazing to watch/listen to. Then, we went over the logistics of lock setting, strategies and best practices for writing your own BreakoutEDU experiences, and then teachers worked to build their first lesson while we facilitated. 

It was a fun, crazy day full of laughter, a little frustration (as they worked through the clues), and GREAT learning. 

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