TCEA Keynote and Presentations – Day 4

February 3, 2016 Conferences, My Presentations, Oh My Google, Stuff I Do At Work

Wednesday brought the Keynote and the formal announcement of the award winners. So proud of all of my friends from BISD! So deserving! 

IMG_8440 IMG_8439 IMG_8438 IMG_8437 IMG_8441

Even saw a couple BISD people in the pre-Keynote slide show!!


Louise Morgan from STEAM is second row left


There’s Nathan Tollison on his phone at the head of that line!

Then it was time to present!! I taught Authentic Literacy with Google and got really good feedback in class and on Twitter! Hooray! I love getting other educators excited about what they can do to make a difference with their teachers and students!


2016-02-06_1453 2016-02-06_1451_0012016-02-06_1453_0022016-02-06_1451_0022016-02-06_14522016-02-06_1452_0012016-02-06_1452_0022016-02-06_1453_001

After a busy day of learning…it was time to go to dinner with our friends! Crammed everyone into my car – including two in the trunk…


and we headed to the Hula Hut for some yummy dinner and the best Tres Leches Cake I’ve ever had!!!


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