TCEA 2017 – Day 3

February 8, 2017 Conferences, Worth 1000

Wednesday hit me like a ton of bricks! LOL…or was that the vendor hall? Walked a couple of miles today…spent over an hour with the GoGuardian guys discussing our demo of their program (the margaritas at your booth were a nice touch – talk about crowded!). 

Started the day with the girls, checking out the cardboard furniture in the You-niverse area of the conference. It was surprisingly sturdy, and NOT surprisingly, not very comfy.

I was really honored to be asked to serve on a panel with Amy Mayer, Shawna Ford, Travis Allen, and Dr. Roland Rios. I felt like the least famous person up there! LOL. We spoke to a group of teachers and administrators (who got a killer boxed lunch during the session). I can’t tell you how honored I was to sit next to Dr. Rios, he’s truly a kind soul. I’m really excited about bringing Travis’ iSchool Initiative to BISD…it’s an amazing program and our kids need to be participating!

Then it was back to the vendor floor to look at software, pick up some swag, and test our hands at VR gaming (newsflash – I suck at it).

Here we are having fun with the vendors and trying to win free stuff for our teachers…

I did manage to score the longest ribbon tail…LOL…one must have goals.

Later that night, we headed to Gloria’s for a vendor dinner with Triumph Learning, whose VP is good friends with my teammate, Matthew.

Here’s my teammate Heather – we love Austin!

Back to the hotel early tonight as I needed to finalize my Google Forms: Practical Magic presentation for the Google Theater the next day.

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