SXSWEdu 2016

March 8, 2016 Conferences, Events & Happenings, Professional Development, Stuff I Do At Work, Worth 1000

This year we all got to go to SXSWEdu in Austin. It was VERY different from the usual educational technology conferences we attend. It was much more about big ideas, pushing limits, and a lot of the sessions were more geared toward post-secondary education. My biggest goal was to go to the XQ venue and talk to them (as we’re applying for one of their grants). We did manage to make it over, participate in their activities, and wind up on their display board!

Temple Grandin was at SXSWEdu as a keynote speaker. I got to meet her and got her to sign one of her books for Zachary.

We got to check out a lot of cool vendors and booths during the conference. We even made our own creations with the 3D modeling pens!

There were all kinds of student projects, performances, and products on display. This kid was AMAZING! He did research on using nanoparticles to kill cancer cells…it was phenomenal. He was incredibly well spoken and his research (and his partnership with doctors, scientists, and technologists was incredible). I even tweeted about his project to the American Cancer Society!

Heather and I caught a poetry slam, and this young man from Austin ISD was really good! We were so impressed we asked for a photo!

Got a photo with two of the best presenters I met at the conference. Their unique and irreverent take on professional development was inspiring and hilarious!

We also attended a meeting of the EdTech Women networking group. We got to meet a wide range of really amazing women from across the EdTech spectrum.

A trip to Austin wouldn’t be the same without some amazing food…and we were introduced to Gourdough’s Donuts this trip! OMG! We were all in love!

I got the Almond Joy donut – chocolate and coconut! I couldn’t eat it all – they’re so huge, but it was so delicious! We’re already planning our trip back when we come for TCEA in 2017!

While we learned a lot and enjoyed the conference! While we may not be able to go every year, it was worth it to come check out all the new ideas.


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