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Pics – MamaEstes

Kim Estes

I am an educator. a risk taker. creative. innovative. passionate. collaborative. a Starbucks addict. ready to get to work.


If a picture is worth a thousand words…then here are a couple million to keep you up-to-date on what I’ve been doing lately! Click on a year to see the album.

A year that starts with Ed Tech and Disney can only be fantastic! Let's find out!

Principal Lindsey Byrd was kind enough to invite us to one of her staff meetings to showcase our Google VR headsets. So we took her teachers on an all expenses paid vacation around the world! 5/16/2018

We had 30+ Burleson Collegiate HS students who weren't taking EOC exams so we decided to take a world tour! 5/7/2018

Tonight I got to help run the Prowise board for students presenting at the TAG Showcase for the STEAM Academy at Stribling. 5/4/2018

Google AR came back to BISD to continue to beta test the AR part of the Google Expeditions App. 5/2/2018

Our hats are off to the amazing librarians in BISD for throwing an incredible literacy night! The crowd was large, engaged, and learning! What a fun time! 5/1/2018

The 1st Grade team from Norwood was our first Pineapple PLC group to visit another campus to share ideas and observe how technology is integrated into a 1st Grade class at Brock! The teachers and students had fun learning from one another! We're excited to arrange more trips like this next year! 4/25/2018

The science department at The REALM @ KMS beta tested the new Google AR app for Google Expeditions. The teachers were trained and then ran lessons all day about forces of nature, adaptive biology, phases of the moon, and more! The students really enjoyed the app and the 3D Experience! 4/11/2018

We were thrilled to get to help with the end of year activity for the Kerr MS reading program, History Alive. The students enjoyed a Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief BreakoutEDU. So much fun! And we were delighted to have Mr. Lenz make a special appearance as Chiron! 4/6/2018

Kevin Hodges from Google came by to tour both STEAM MS and The REALM. We had student tours at both locations and an opportunity to discuss moving forward in a changing educational and global environment. I'm never in the pictures because I'm always the one taking them! LOL! 3/23/2018

Two of my team members and I presented at the ESC 11 e-Merge conference and vendor fair. 3/21/2018

We love it when our teachers join us on a Saturday for learning and fun! BreakoutEDU in spring! 2/24/2018

Our district has PD days built into the schedule for teachers...and this year, our CTO decided to take advantage of a PD day to get our department better acquainted. 2/19/2018

Each year our district holds a huge open house for parents and students to learn all about the amazing programs and schools of choice in our district. 2/15/2018

I was thrilled to be invited to Ms. Boiles' English 1 class at BCHS to help judge her class Poetry Slam Contest. The kids were great and there were some amazing poems recited throughout the day! I always love an opportunity to get back into the ELA classroom! 2/8/2018

After hitting the FETC Conference all day - we hit a couple of Disney Parks in the evening! 1/23-1/26/2017

The Learning Technologies Department was able to attend the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida in January. We got to hear amazing keynote speakers and we learned tons of new things to bring back to our district and our teachers! 1/23-1/26/2017