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If a picture is worth a thousand words…then here are a couple million to keep you up-to-date on what I’ve been doing lately! Click on a year to see the album.

Another Awesome Year in BISD!

Every year, the Admin Building has a Christmas Door Decorating contest. The year the theme was Christmas Around the World. Our team drew Eygpt. We also took home the trophy! Matt came up with the idea for “I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus” and we all ran with it. We had heirogliphic walls, an actual mummy, Canopic jars with our faces on them, and holiday goodies for BabaNoel. We tied for the trophy and had to have a holiday sing-off to determine the winner. Our boss, the CTO, helped us out by dancing along with our song to get us the extra cheers we needed to win the day! 12/15/2016

Burleson ISD participated in Hour of Code week for the second time this year. All of our campuses took time during the first full week of December to encourage students to code and learn more about computer science. 12/5-12/9/2016

Every year the Learning Technologies Department arranges digital visits with Santa. This year, we used Google Hangouts to connect with the North Pole. Students sent letters to Santa, which he checked twice with the students. Santa read a book, and everyone got to ask Santa questions before ending the hangout with a song - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It's a great tradition and the students really love it. Afterward, the letters are sent to the local paper for a special Christmas edition. 12/5-12/8/2016

Matt facilitated a zSpace Virtual Lab training for several intrepid teachers who gave up a Saturday to learn more about this amazing lab at BISD. 11/12/2016

With Lindsay's help, we were able to work with the 8th grade ELA teachers at Kerr MS to introduce BreakoutEDU to their students as a review for their mid-term exams. We focused on a short story and literary elements that the students had studied in class. 11/1-11/2/2016

We hosted our first EdCampBISD Google-Palooza with 53 teachers from 9 districts in attendance! We had a digital playground, Breakout EDUs, and door prizes from GREAT sponsors. 10/15/2016

Amy Mayer and Jessica Powell from FriedTechnology came out for a 3-day training on all things Google. Representatives from all Chromebook roll-out campuses enjoyed learning and planning together. Thank you to Hajek ES for graciously hosting the event. 10/3-10/5/2016

On September 12. 2016, our CTO had to give an update to the School Board on the Chromebook Rollout. We talked about the numbers of Chromebooks delivered, the hours of professional development provided...but the best part was when two of our middle school teachers spoke about having Chromebooks in their classrooms. 09/12/2016

The Technical Services and Learning Technologies Departments worked together to get over 6000 Chromebooks prepped and distributed to every 3-8th grade student in the district! Even our Superintendent, Dr. Jimerson, got in on the action! Awesome! 09/2016

The Technology Department hosted Mike Patterson from CDW for a Leadership Workshop on August 30th. Principals, APs, Top Techs, librarians, and teacher leaders joined together to learn about leading our district into a 1:1 environment. Mike shared some great resources and the whole group worked together, discussed ideas, and shared notes in a common Google Doc. It was a great day of learning, thinking, and preparing for where BISD is going next. 8/30/2016

Our first Top Tech meeting of the year took place at STEAM Middle School (thanks, Louise, for hosting)! We went over some information about the Chromebook roll out and then Lindsay introduced the group to Breakout Edu! They had to complete a breakout to find the agenda for the rest of the meeting. It was a fun way to introduce them to the concept and they worked well together to solve the clues! 8/22/2016

The Academic Innovations Department in partnership with Texas Health Huguley provided Clinkscale Elementary, and the whole district with a ZSpace 3D lab! Teachers and LT staff attended training to learn how to use the devices to enrich student learning. 8/15/2016

We helped set up and run the program for Convocation again this year. Our guest speaker was Coach Carter, and he was wonderful! What a great way to start our new year with our new team members! 8/15/2016

This summer, Learning Technologies offered three 3-day Chromebook Academies to help prepare them for our 1:1 Chromebook roll out! 6-8/2016

The zSpace Mobile 3D lab visited one of our elementary schools during the summer. Our students got to explore the lab and experience the 3D environment. They were so excited! Thanks to zSpace for coming by! 6/24/16

BISD's new Burleson Collegiate High School hosted a summer bridge program for all of its students. Learning Technologies was invited to do some Chromebook training and to help with some fun team building activities (we did a digital photo scavenger hunt and made pixel art). It was a great day! 6/13/2016

BISD worked with the EdTechTeam to host the NTX Google Summit. It was a great day with lots of interactive learning and wonderful educators. We had several presenters from BISD, including some students. 6/8-6/9/2016

The CHS American Studies humanities teachers, Yvonne Hensley and Patti Massey, decided to mix some TV with their course. We recreated the format of the culinary show Chopped to work with their final review for their students. Students were given boxes with mystery recipes and ingredients in them. They had to create a digital product that explained and expounded on the ELA and SS themes, topics, and essential questions in the box. They would then submit their products for teacher review. The next day, they would open their box to see if they made the next round or if they were "Chopped". Teams that made the next round went on to a harder assignment while chopped teams moved to another room to participate in a review session with one of their teachers. 5/27/2016

I got to stop by The REALM Parent Night presentations - which were set up like games...really cool! Parents and students were so excited to learn about their new campus. Some of those parents got really competitive playing the 1980s video game challenge prepared by Dean Cheryl Essex. Good times and a GREAT turnout! 5/24/2016

LT Teresa Sumrall supported students from two elementary schools in BISD who wanted to raise money, goods, and awareness for local charities. They used Google Apps for Education to collaborate between their separate campuses, communicate with participants, and to inform the community. The turn out was amazing and many charities benefited from the funds and goods donated. Teresa and I ran a free green-screen photo booth for the day to support the students efforts.4/23/2016

Spring 2016 brought with it the 2nd Annual CHS Lit Tank. This 11th-grade English assignment is a take on the popular TV show, Lit Tank. Students Students have five weeks to plan and create a product, service, or business that is literature or literacy based. Students create a digital pitch site, a social media marketing campaign, create mock-ups or prototypes, and present to a panel of "Sharks" composed of district teachers, administrators, and community members. 4/11-4/15/2016

The LT Department helped with the STEAM Academy at Stribling's Parent Night. We helped with Osmo, robots, and more. It was a great, hands-on night where parents and students could explore STEAM activities, hear a presentation about the new direction the campus is moving in, and ask questions. 4/11/2016

invited to sit on a panel at the BrightBytes conference at Region XI. She shared (and answered questions about) how BISD uses its BrightBytes data. 4/1/2016

We got to go to SXSWEdu this year. We saw Temple Grandin, visit XQ, and discovered Gourdough's Doughnuts...yum! 3/7-3/8/2016

Burleson ISD created billboards for the two TCEA Award winners, Ryan Churchward and Teresa Sumrall. We couldn't wait to run over and get some good photos! 2/19/2016

Thursday at TCEA brought my chance to present in the Google Theater. I finally scored the Google shirt I've always wanted! Woot! I volunteered in Google space answering people's questions for an hour and then gave my Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness presentation. 2/4/2016

Wednesday morning brought the Keynote and my first presentation of the conference. Got great reviews and so proud to see my friends up on the big screen! 2/3/2016

After attending the Leadership Academy during the day - we hit the award ceremony where two of our 5 finalists took home their awards...then we hit up Voodoo doughnuts...yum! 2/2/2016

We all attended the Google Academy and then hit the Google party at Google Fiber on Monday night. And, of course, I got my Starbucks Love TCEA! 2/1/2016

Excited to be presenting, having 5 finalists in the awards, and getting to work with Google this year! We rolled in on Sunday evening and got registered. Ready to get our Con On! 1/31/2016

Burleson ISD hosted the North Texas Google Educators Group's first EdCampGoo. It was a blast to plan and host the event with Kasey Bell and Ann Witherspoon! Such fun! 1/23/2016