North Texas Google Summit

June 9, 2016 Conferences, Events & Happenings, Oh My Google, Professional Development, Stuff I Do At Work, Worth 1000

The BISD Technology Department hosted the North Texas Google Summit from June 8-9th this year at Centennial High School. We hosted, set up all technology, and our team presented at the event. Our CTO, Stephen Logan opened the summit with a welcome speech.

And the Technology Operations Department kept everyone online and running! That’s no small feat considering the large number of participants and devices at the summit!

Each member of the LT team presented, and so did our Top Tech and friend, Shirley Dalby…the awesome librarian from Mound Elementary!

My friend and amazing teacher, Yvonne Hensley, brought several students to present about the use of Google Apps in a real-world lesson called Lit Tank – based off of the popular TV show, Shark Tank. The kids were the hit of the day, describing the assignment and answering questions from teachers and administrators.

We didn’t just work…we also got to participate in several of the hands-on team activities throughout the summit. Go Team BISD!

All in all, everyone had a great two days of learning and networking!


You can see all of the photos from the summit in our Gallery.


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