Kerr MS Breakouts – ELA Students Rock the Locks!

November 2, 2016 Stuff I Do At Work, Technology On Campus

With Lindsay’s help, we were able to work with the 8th grade ELA teachers at Kerr MS to introduce BreakoutEDU to their students as a review for their mid-term exams. We focused on a short story and literary elements that the students had studied in class. For the AP classes we solved mysteries surrounding the Edgar Allan Poe classic The Tell Tale Heart. Students who solved the box got sweets and a surprise…an eyeball of their own (ping pong ball eyeballs). The students in the regular ELA classes tried to escape from Shiptrap Island like Rainsford in The Most Dangerous Game. They got bragging rights and some sweet treats when they opened their boxes! It was my first experience with BreakoutEDU and it was definitely a learning experience for me (especially since I wrote the breakout for The Most Dangerous Game). The students were completely engaged and the teachers were pleased with the activity. You can tell they had a good time looking at the photos. As for me, I’m going to keep honing my BreakoutEDU skills.


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