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October 4, 2014 I'm Reading, Oh My Google, On A Personal Note

While this is the first time I’ve mentioned that I’m reading this book…this is most definitely NOT going to be the last time I mention it. I thought I wanted to work at Google before…but after reading about the inner workings of the company, their belief systems, and their processes…I know I am SUPPOSED to be working at Google.

No, I don’t have any patents…and not a Rhodes Scholar…and if you asked me one of those goofy interview questions…I’d probably look at you like “Seriously?” But I still know I’m supposed to work there.

How do I know this? Well…let’s not even look at the dress code – You Must Wear Something – yeah, I know…right up my alley – flip flops every day. (Can you tell I’m bitter that they took them out of our dress code at work?) Seriously though…sick of companies that are more worried about LOOKING good than DOING good.

This segues right into my next point…Don’t Be Evil. That’s a Google belief. And I am totally in love with that. I’ve had some experience with Evil in my life…it’s awful, it’s horrible…it’s, well, EVIL. And a company that can have anyone – ANYONE – on the payroll argue against not being EVIL….bravo! Checking that box on my Why Kim Needs To Work At Google Checklist.

SMART CREATIVES…I am not some brilliant kid from MIT – not even close to being brilliant…or a kid anymore, to be honest (at least not chronologically). But smart, yes…creative…yes. Driven by a passion to help people, to teach, to learn, to build something that is better than myself and to build it with amazing people (not terribly unlike the job I currently have…but I’m pretty sure Google pays better than Texas Teacher salary…I’m pretty sure ANYONE pays better than that).

Sigh…Since we moved to Google Apps in the district, we’ve all been a little Google crazy – a tad bit infatuated with all things emanating from the Plex… but sigh…who wouldn’t be. I’m certain it is not without its pitfalls, but from the outside looking in…from the world of a public education teacher in Texas…Google looks like a little piece of creative heaven.

I’m sure to go on many more diatribes, even after I’ve finished the book (the majority of the good stuff I have not even bothered to mention in this post – seriously – buy the book…read it…you’ll wanna go to Google too). So you’ll just have to bear with me as I work through my Google addiction. There may not be a 12 step program for this (Hi, my name is Kim and I love Google), but there’s probably an app in the Play store.

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