History Alive Goes Greek!

April 6, 2018 Stuff I Do At Work, Technology On Campus

We were thrilled to get to help out with an end-of-year BreakoutEDU for the Kerr MS reading program, History Alive. The students had a fun adventure based on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief that took them all over the school! A big THANK YOU to LT Lindsay Foster for the amazing Breakout!

They started with instructions from their mentor – Chiron (played by Mr. Jason Lenz). The students were THRILLED to see Mr. Lenz, as he’d been out for a serious illness and made a debut return with this video!

From there – the students were sent to their team cabin at Camp Half Blood to start working on their clues!

Their clues led them to the Oracle…where they received important messages from the Gods! (A big thank you to our own KMS Oracle, Ms. Lisa Townzen!)

From the Oracle’s temple (the gym) to the Hall of Knowledge (the library) our adventurers searched for clues!

The Hall of Knowledge sent students into danger…into the home of MEDUSA! Would they be able to find their prize and escape? Watch out that you aren’t turned to stone!

Our mighty adventurers finally won through!! Congratulations heroes!

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