Got to Meet Eric Sheninger

March 31, 2015 Conferences, Professional Development

Attended a workshop at ESC 11, sponsored by TASA, featuring Eric Sheninger. I am leading a book study with the administrators at KMS and was really excited to get to hear him in person. I was NOT disappointed. Sheninger has all the great quotes, a slick presentation, and a northern accent that is so different from our Texas drawl…but even better…he’s got the PROOF that what he talks…he walks.

Every time he talked about an idea, a concept, a belief…he could back it with action (and photos, and videos, and newscasts) to show you what it looks like in his school. For me, that is better than 20 books, a million followers on Twitter, and an award-winning blog. He’s edu-famous because of what he’s done…but he didn’t do what he did to become edu-famous. Legit…he’s just legit.


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