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May 27, 2016 Events & Happenings, Stuff I Do At Work, Technology On Campus, Worth 1000

The CHS American Studies humanities teachers, Yvonne Hensley and Patti Massey, decided to mix some TV with their course. We recreated the format of the culinary show Chopped to work with their final review for their students. Students were given boxes with mystery recipes and ingredients in them. They had to create a digital product that explained and expounded on the ELA and SS themes, topics, and essential questions in the box. They would then submit their products for teacher review. All products were turned in to a special Google Classroom created just for the product.

The next day, they would open their box to see if they made the next round or if they were “Chopped”. Teams that made the next round went on to a harder assignment while chopped teams moved to another room to participate in a review session with one of their teachers. Here’s a video of students finding out if their team was “Chopped” or not for the first round.

Each group could use anything in the box and anything in the pantry – a table full of print and digital resources to complete their recipes (images below) and help students create their products. 

Here’s a shot of the “pantry” – Items from each day were left in the pantry and more were added to accommodate the new recipes – and students could use it all:

And here’s a photo of some of the goodies that come in a Chopped recipe box:

And some students working hard on their Chopped recipes:

We chopped half of the teams each of the three days. On the last day, the winners got a 100% of their final, having created products over 100% of the final exam materials, and the runners up won extra points on their final. The winning team also got certificates and a Chopped trophy created by Coach Hensley! It even lit up!!!

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