Chromebook Prepper Academy – July 2017

July 13, 2017 Oh My Google, Professional Development

Thanks to the fantastic feedback from our June Preppers, we made a few changes to the way we ran day 1 of our academy. Instead of so much sit-and-get, we broke the second half of the day up with some self-paced/team activities. I created a hybrid hyperdoc-choice board and participants had 3 days to compete for points to win a prize!

Here’s the board:

Each title links to an instructional Google Doc with all the information and tutorials teachers need to complete the solo (and team) activities. We introduced google tools like Classroom, Docs, Slides, and more like Flipgrid, Padlet, and Twitter!

We had 3 teachers complete the ENTIRE board…but many more got VERY far. It was a fun way to model choice boards for our teachers while covering important information!

Here are a few tweets our teachers sent out as part of the Prepper Points Board..

Some of our Prepper Points came from getting hands on (for our kinesthetic learners) – you had to make a poster(s). Here are a couple!

Congrats to Angelia Sifford, Ashton Hughes, and Princess Footitt for finishing the ENTIRE points board! And to Princess for winning the spin for the prize…

which consisted of…a camoflauged thermal lunch tote, a Zombie Outbreak Response Team decal for your car, a School of Zombies mug filled with Lindor chocolates, some lifesavers (see what we did there), some emoji sticky notes, a pair of headphones, a recharger for your phone, a Bat Signal (in case you need us), and some real survival gear to keep in your classroom or car!

Had a blast with this wonderful group of teachers (and an administrator…WORD!). Can’t wait to meet the group coming in in August!

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