Kim Estes

I am an educator. a risk taker. creative. innovative. passionate. collaborative. a Starbucks addict. ready to get to work.

Stuff I Do At Work

Top Techs are Tops!

We had our annual pre-school Top Tech meeting with the wonderful teachers and librarians who help our department on their respective campuses. They got to hear all about the newest directions in technology for the year, and then we spent the afternoon working on Digital Citizenship curriculum. Love this group!

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Christmas Fun

This year at work, each group drew a Christmas movie to use as inspiration for decorating their door. My group went a little crazy, but then…if it’s worth doing…it’s worth doing big! Especially when you get Elf as your movie! What a good time! I put the video together for […]

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Calling North Pole Central

Every year we help elementary school classes contact the North Pole and talk directly to Santa. While I joke about hating the endless singing of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and elementary schools giving me hives…I really do love to see the looks on the kids’ faces when Santa holds up […]

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Blogging Without A Blog

Another great lesson out of 6th grade at KMS…learning to blog without a blog. Currently, our district doesn’t allow students to blog, so this class wrote blog posts and their classmates used sticky notes to leave comments on their work! It was a great way fro the students to practice […]

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