Free Chromebook Training Online from Simple K12

Join Simple K-12 on March 11th for this amazing line-up of information-packed webinars
for teachers by teachers!

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Google For Education Announces Tuesday Tips!

Google For Education is now publishing out tips for teachers every Tuesday! You’ll need to follow them on Twitter @GoogleForEdu…or you can check back here every Tuesday!!! Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Classroom Checkout Form With CheckItOut!

CheckItOut is a Google Add-on that allows you to create simple checkout forms in Google Forms. Kids can check items out…and then check them back in again when they are done with them! Here’s an example of a form that lets kids check out items from my classroom (for example – a loaner Chromebook). Continue Reading →

4 Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs

Okay…I’m in love with Eric Curts’ blog Control Alt Achieve. He’s got so many great articles and tutorials on there! You’ve GOT to go subscribe! But in the meantime…check out this amazing article he’s posted about giving feedback to students using text, audio, video, and handwritten feedback all on your computer! Continue Reading →

Emoji Writing Prompt Generator

You hear it all the time these days – “Kids are always on their cellphones!” Why not harness that to inspire them to write? Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve has been super busy creating amazing templates for teachers…and now he’s made an emoji writing prompt generator in a Google Sheet!!! Have you kids click on a tab (2 emojis, 3 emojis, 4 emojis, etc.) and then have them write a story that goes with the emojis! So fun! Continue Reading →

Virtual Chess Club!

Want to start a chess club? Don’t have any boards? Not enough kids on your campus to get it started? That’s okay…using this great tutorial from Eric Curts (on his blog Control Alt Achieve) will get your kids playing checkers and chess online using Google Drawings! Now you can play online…with kids from other campuses! Continue Reading →

Improving Writing and Research with G-Suite for Education

Google Apps for Education (now called G-Suite) has some terrific tools for writing and researching! This fantastic webinar from the Google Education On Air conference by Kasey Bell has some really great ideas for teachers to use when working with students! These ideas can be adapted for all grade levels. Continue Reading →

Get Your g(Math) On

Google has an add-on called g(Math) that can help math teachers insert math equations, formulas, and graphs into Google Docs and Forms. I’m not a math teacher, so I don’t use this every day, but I have heard some of my math teacher friends mention that they don’t use G-Suite as much because it is difficult to do this or they prefer Math Type in the Office product suite. So…I  thought I’d throw together some resources to help you make the most out of g(Math) and maybe make using G-Suite for math a little easier! Continue Reading →

Managing Google Classroom Late Work Notifications

It’s AWESOME that Google Classroom will now send you a notification when a student submits their work late…that way you don’t always have to run back to Classroom to check. Continue Reading →

A Quick How-To for Individual Assignments in Classroom

Here’s a quick video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the new Individual (or group) assignments in Google Classroom! We’re so excited about what this means for differentiation in the classroom! Ask your Learning Technologies Coach for help or ideas! We’d love to work with you! 

Get even MORE help with Google Classroom HERE!

KMS Uses Google Classroom to Help Each Other

The National Junior Honor Society at Kerr Middle School has it’s own Google Classroom where members offer homework help and academic tutorials to their classmates. Continue Reading →

Hangouts With Santa

Every year the Learning Technologies Department arranges digital visits with Santa. This year, we used Google Hangouts to connect with the North Pole. Students sent letters to Santa, which he checked twice with the students. Continue Reading →

EdCampBISD Google-Palooza

We organized our very first EdCamp BISD on October 15th and we got a really nice turn out! We had 53 attendees from 9 different school districts. After a little work to get everyone on the wifi…we were off and running. Continue Reading →

Teacher Training with FriedTechnology

As part of our Chromebook roll out, we brought 4 teachers from every campus to a special, intensive Google training with Amy Mayer and Jessica Powell from FriedTechnology. These hardcore learners gave up three days (Oct 3-5th) to learn with us! Continue Reading →

6000+ Chromebooks Distributed

The amazing Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Burleson ISD approved a 1:1 Chromebook roll out for students in 3rd-8th grade for the 16-17 school year. We were thrilled that they wanted to take this initiative to so many students. That meant we had to pull together and everyone got hands-on with prepping and distributing the devices. Continue Reading →

September Chromebook School Board Update

On September 12. 2016, our CTO had to give an update to the School Board on the Chromebook Rollout. We talked about the numbers of Chromebooks delivered, the hours of professional development provided…but the best part was when two of our middle school teachers spoke about having Chromebooks in their classrooms. Continue Reading →

August Chromebook Academy – Movin’ It to BHS

August, with all of the back-to-school professional development, proved to be a challenge when it came to scheduling and delivering our third Chromebook Academy. We moved from Centennial HS to the Burleson HS library, and we split the training into 2 days in one week and the final day in another week. We had a great turn out of dedicated educators who had great ideas and made the training lots of fun! Continue Reading →

July Chromebook Academy – Holy Crowded Training Batman!

Our July Chromebook Academy was very well attended with over 50 teachers signing up to learn all about Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, and managing your classroom in a 1:1 environment! I had some adorable help setting up the classroom for our training (my grandson Aiden and daughter Amanda). Continue Reading →

June Chromebook Academy – Google is Coming

June brought our first 3-day Chromebook Academy training for teachers in our district. Heather created a great Game of Thrones parody graphic for the event and we carried the theme throughout the training. Continue Reading →

North Texas Google Summit

The BISD Technology Department hosted the North Texas Google Summit from June 8-9th this year at Centennial High School. We hosted, set up all technology, and our team presented at the event. Our CTO, Stephen Logan opened the summit with a welcome speech. Continue Reading →

CHS Lit Tank 2016

Spring 2016 brought with it the 2nd Annual CHS Lit Tank. This 11th-grade English assignment is a take on the popular TV show, Lit Tank. Students have five weeks to plan and create a product, service, or business that is literature or literacy based. Students create a digital pitch site, a social media marketing campaign, create mock-ups or prototypes, and present to a panel of “Sharks” composed of district teachers, administrators, and community members. Continue Reading →

Presenting for Google at TCEA – Day 5

Thursday at TCEA brought my chance to present in the Google Theater. I finally scored the Google shirt I’ve always wanted! Woot! I volunteered in Google space answering people’s questions for an hour and then gave my Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness presentation. I got some great reviews and the room was packed! I even got a shout out from Google on Twitter! Continue Reading →

TCEA Keynote and Presentations – Day 4

Wednesday brought the Keynote and the formal announcement of the award winners. So proud of all of my friends from BISD! So deserving!¬† Continue Reading →

A Day of Google at TCEA – Day 2

Day 2 saw us attending sessions at the Google Academy – after I started my day with some Starbucks! Then we headed right into a Google party at Google Fiber and some dinner. Getting ready for tomorrow night’s award ceremony! So excited for my friend, Teresa…she deserves this recognition! Continue Reading →

Google Expeditions at KMS

Our 6th grade social studies team were Expedition pioneers and Google came to visit with the Expedition kits! Great day! I don’t have photos of the kids right now, but I’ll try to get some.

Google Cardboard Geography

The 6th grade team at KMS brought Google Cardboard into their Social Studies class as part of a blended lesson. The kids loved it. We brought over some special guests to learn with our students. It was wonderful to hear their exclamations and watch them work on their lesson using the virtual reality apps and Google Cardboard viewers.

Google Texas Roadshow 2015

Burleson ISD hosted the Google Texas Roadshow and several of us presented at the event. We even had a group of teachers and librarians serve on a panel for Google at the event. I love that we partner so often with Google. Their events are always fun and it recharges my batteries¬†to be around people as passionate about education and technology as I am. Continue Reading →

Keynoting with Google

I was really flattered when asked to Keynote and co-present with my friend Eileen Huang with Google. It was a great day and I learned a lot! Got to meet some amazing people and really enjoyed co-presenting with Eileen. Continue Reading →

What Works For Google…

My boss, Steve Logan, and I had both read How Google Works and talked about how hard it is to collaborate if people don’t office together. He really bought into that…and this is where his team works…together. We’re doing the same thing in our department (admittedly more out of lack of space than intent…but the benefits are the same – more sharing of ideas, more excitement, more people tuned in to what’s going on).

It’s All About the PD

Today was the Google WebEx presentation on professional development. Really enjoyed getting to talk to the other presenters from Leander and New Caney. It’s great to share with people who are in the same line of work…the ideas were really great! Continue Reading →

Who’s Got Two Thumbs And Went To Google? This Girl!

TCEA week started out with a bang…or a goo…Google, that is. We were invited to an event at the Google headquarters in Austin. You may now die of nerd-envy. LOL! Continue Reading →

My Google Teacher Academy Video

So…I completed the application for the Google Teacher Academy today. Sigh…looking at the other videos on YouTube (you can see them if you search for #GTAATX) I’m feeling a little insecure about mine…but what the heck…they can’t take away my birthday! Continue Reading →

Mission Google Complete!

So we had the Google Leadership Symposium today…and I’m so excited at how well it turned out! What an amazing team effort! I’m so excited about how we all just meshed together and got the job done – from Kim G. rocking the logistics, to the Networking boys getting us connected, to the AMAZING middle school kids who helped me with my presentation. Continue Reading →

I love this book

While this is the first time I’ve mentioned that I’m reading this book…this is most definitely NOT going to be the last time I mention it. I thought I wanted to work at Google before…but after reading about the inner workings of the company, their belief systems, and their processes…I know I am SUPPOSED to be working at Google. Continue Reading →

Google Leadership Symposium

October 7th is quickly approaching and I’m not done with my presentation for the Symposium. It’s been really cool to help prepare for this event and I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to networking with all of the people coming to the event.

Google Teacher Academy – Austin 2014

So…I’m looking at the application for the Google Teacher Academy in Austin this December. Holey Mackerel. I’m gonna have to schedule some time to get my ducks in a row, record and edit a cool video…and finish the update to this site. EEK.