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Oh My Google – MamaEstes

Kim Estes

I am an educator. a risk taker. creative. innovative. passionate. collaborative. a Starbucks addict. ready to get to work.

Oh My Google

TxGoo 2017

Most of the Learning Technologies team headed to Kleb Intermediate School in Klien, TX to present and participate in TxGoo 2017. It was a great day of sharing and learning about Google tools!  Our own Lindsay Foster won a grant to secure GooseChase for us to use for the whole […]

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4 Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs

Okay…I’m in love with Eric Curts’ blog Control Alt Achieve. He’s got so many great articles and tutorials on there! You’ve GOT to go subscribe! But in the meantime…check out this amazing article he’s posted about giving feedback to students using text, audio, video, and handwritten feedback all on your […]

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Emoji Writing Prompt Generator

You hear it all the time these days – “Kids are always on their cellphones!” Why not harness that to inspire them to write? Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve has been super busy creating amazing templates for teachers…and now he’s made an emoji writing prompt generator in a Google […]

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Virtual Chess Club!

Want to start a chess club? Don’t have any boards? Not enough kids on your campus to get it started? That’s okay…using this great tutorial from Eric Curts (on his blog Control Alt Achieve) will get your kids playing checkers and chess online using Google Drawings! Now you can play […]

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Get Your g(Math) On

Google has an add-on called g(Math) that can help math teachers insert math equations, formulas, and graphs into Google Docs and Forms. I’m not a math teacher, so I don’t use this every day, but I have heard some of my math teacher friends mention that they don’t use G-Suite […]

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Presenting for Google at TCEA – Day 5

Thursday at TCEA brought my chance to present in the Google Theater. I finally scored the Google shirt I’ve always wanted! Woot! I volunteered in Google space answering people’s questions for an hour and then gave my Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness presentation. I got some great reviews and the room […]

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What Works For Google…

My boss, Steve Logan, and I had both read How Google Works and talked about how hard it is to collaborate if people don’t office together. He really bought into that…and this is where his team works…together. We’re doing the same thing in our department (admittedly more out of lack […]

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My Google Teacher Academy Video

So…I completed the application for the Google Teacher Academy today. Sigh…looking at the other videos on YouTube (you can see them if you search for #GTAATX) I’m feeling a little insecure about mine…but what the heck…they can’t take away my birthday!

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Mission Google Complete!

So we had the Google Leadership Symposium today…and I’m so excited at how well it turned out! What an amazing team effort! I’m so excited about how we all just meshed together and got the job done – from Kim G. rocking the logistics, to the Networking boys getting us […]

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I love this book

While this is the first time I’ve mentioned that I’m reading this book…this is most definitely NOT going to be the last time I mention it. I thought I wanted to work at Google before…but after reading about the inner workings of the company, their belief systems, and their processes…I […]

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Google Leadership Symposium

October 7th is quickly approaching and I’m not done with my presentation for the Symposium. It’s been really cool to help prepare for this event and I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to networking with all of the people coming to the event.

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