What Works For Google…

My boss, Steve Logan, and I had both read How Google Works and talked about how hard it is to collaborate if people don’t office together. He really bought into that…and this is where his team works…together. We’re doing the same thing in our department (admittedly more out of lack of space than intent…but the benefits are the same – more sharing of ideas, more excitement, more people tuned in to what’s going on).

Live Long And Prosper

Leonard Nimoy ~ “My folks came to U.S. as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien.” Continue Reading →

You have to thank them.

This is my son, Zachary….dancing with his teacher, Mrs. James. We love her. She loves our son and works hard every day to help Zachary learn. Having an Autistic kid isn’t easy, but when you have back-up like this…it isn’t as hard. Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers who have loved my son throughout his school career.

Still True

This tweet was from the 2013 Area 10 & 11 TCEA Conference…and it is still true today! #preach #stilltrue

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Rebuild, Reboot, Reset

I finally decided that it was time to update my blog and get back into writing. It was really hard to let go of the old blog…and while I could have transferred all of my old posts over here…I didn’t. It was difficult to let go of all that data…as outdated as it was. But I knew I’d need to start fresh…clean up…declutter…and make writing here as easy and as fun as possible…or I wouldn’t do it. Continue Reading →

Convocation 2014

This fun video greeted teachers as they returned to school during our big convocation celebration. It was really fun to run around and film all of these crazy coaches! What a blast! I really enjoy this part of my job!


I’m really lucky to work with the best people on the planet! Here are our LTCL’s at a training with us. What’s an LTCL? That’s Learning Technologies Campus Liason – these fabulous people help us to train teachers on each campus in the district. Continue Reading →

QR Codes in PE Class

My awesome PE teachers at BHS used QR Codes for the first day of school – teaching their students the rules and procedures for their classes. The kids thought it was fun to run all over the gym looking up the answers to the questions about the class. Tech in PE…it can be done! Continue Reading →

BISD Rocks!

Convocation this year was a lot of work…but it was a lot of fun too! It started with everyone in the district getting a free t-shirt (that I designed)! Pretty cool, huh?

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This One Time…At Tech Camp

So the annual Summer Technology Camp season has come to a close! Another fun week of learning and doing nerdy things comes to a close! Really enjoyed these kids! We offered summer camps in Robotics, Animation, and Coding with Scratch this year! It was a blast!

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Let Learning Live

Every year, the 5th graders at my son’s elementary school do a living museum. They get to be famous people in history and when you push a button (or move an object in their display), they come to life and tell you about themselves. The script is pre-written from research done in class and memorized by the actors. And I absolutely love it. Why? Well…not because my kids is memorizing a bunch of information, but because he gets to bring history to life for a little bit. It gets to breathe, to speak, and to be interactive.

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