TCEA 2017 – Day 5

Wow…morning got here early! I headed over to the convention center to do my volunteer shift while the rest of the gang found sessions to attend Continue Reading →

TCEA 2017 – Day 4

Presented in the Google Theater today…Google Forms: Practical Magic. Again, I think I had just as much fun creating my Twitter advertisements as I did presenting…Harry Potter rules! Continue Reading →

TCEA 2017 – Day 3

Wednesday hit me like a ton of bricks! LOL…or was that the vendor hall? Walked a couple of miles today…spent over an hour with the GoGuardian guys discussing our demo of their program (the margaritas at your booth were a nice touch – talk about crowded!).  Continue Reading →

TCEA 2017 – Day 2

Enjoyed my last day at TCEA where there wouldn’t be a line out the door of the Starbucks in my hotel lobby. Sigh. Continue Reading →

TCEA 2017 – We have arrived.

Made it in to Austin Sunday afternoon and headed right over to the convention center to get our registrations. Then it was dinner at Uncle Julio’s and back to the hotel to get prepped for the Google Academy on Monday! Super fun!

EdCampBISD Google-Palooza

We organized our very first EdCamp BISD on October 15th and we got a really nice turn out! We had 53 attendees from 9 different school districts. After a little work to get everyone on the wifi…we were off and running. Continue Reading →

North Texas Google Summit

The BISD Technology Department hosted the North Texas Google Summit from June 8-9th this year at Centennial High School. We hosted, set up all technology, and our team presented at the event. Our CTO, Stephen Logan opened the summit with a welcome speech. Continue Reading →

BrightBytes Conference

I was invited to sit on a panel for the BrightBytes Conference at Region XI. I got to do a brief presentation on how our district uses its BrightBytes data, and then the panel took questions from the crowd. It was a great conference full of incredible speakers and I was grateful to be included. I got to spend time with my friends Jan North from Mansfield ISD and Dwight Goodwin from Denton…I always learn new things from them!  Continue Reading →

SXSWEdu 2016

This year we all got to go to SXSWEdu in Austin. It was VERY different from the usual educational technology conferences we attend. It was much more about big ideas, pushing limits, and a lot of the sessions were more geared toward post-secondary education. My biggest goal was to go to the XQ venue and talk to them (as we’re applying for one of their grants). We did manage to make it over, participate in their activities, and wind up on their display board! Continue Reading →

Presenting for Google at TCEA – Day 5

Thursday at TCEA brought my chance to present in the Google Theater. I finally scored the Google shirt I’ve always wanted! Woot! I volunteered in Google space answering people’s questions for an hour and then gave my Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness presentation. I got some great reviews and the room was packed! I even got a shout out from Google on Twitter! Continue Reading →

TCEA Keynote and Presentations – Day 4

Wednesday brought the Keynote and the formal announcement of the award winners. So proud of all of my friends from BISD! So deserving!  Continue Reading →

TCEA Award Night! – Day 3

After spending the day in the Leadership Academy – where they did some jokes using the Simpsons…and served us donuts – DOH… Continue Reading →

A Day of Google at TCEA – Day 2

Day 2 saw us attending sessions at the Google Academy – after I started my day with some Starbucks! Then we headed right into a Google party at Google Fiber and some dinner. Getting ready for tomorrow night’s award ceremony! So excited for my friend, Teresa…she deserves this recognition! Continue Reading →

TCEA Baby! – Day 1

We rode into Austin on Sunday…ready to get our con on! Woot! TCEA here we come! Took care of registration and got some yummy dinner! Then we rested up…ready to rock out the week! Excited to see if Teresa and the rest of the FIVE finalists from Burleson ISD would take top honors at the award ceremony Tuesday night! Continue Reading →


BISD hosted the first North Texas Google Educator’s Group EdCampGoo. This fun Google-focused EdCamp was organized by the Learning Technologies Department and the leaders of the GEG – Kasey Bell and Ann Witherspoon. There were great sessions and TONS of wonderful door prizes! It was really fun to host with the GEG team! Come back soon! Continue Reading →

TechStock 2015

I got to present at Region 11’s TechStock 2015. I really lucked out because I got the room with all of the comfy furniture in it! Super fun group of people and lots of learning going on! Continue Reading →

Prime Digital Learning – Region 11

Attended the Prime Digital Learning conference hosted at Region 11. Got to hear some great speakers and go to some interesting sessions. Lots of fun right before things get crazy as teachers and students come back!

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Google Texas Roadshow 2015

Burleson ISD hosted the Google Texas Roadshow and several of us presented at the event. We even had a group of teachers and librarians serve on a panel for Google at the event. I love that we partner so often with Google. Their events are always fun and it recharges my batteries to be around people as passionate about education and technology as I am. Continue Reading →

Keynoting with Google

I was really flattered when asked to Keynote and co-present with my friend Eileen Huang with Google. It was a great day and I learned a lot! Got to meet some amazing people and really enjoyed co-presenting with Eileen. Continue Reading →

TxGoo 2015 in New Caney

I presented two sessions at the TxGoo 2015 Summit in New Caney, Texas. Authentic Literacy with Google and a session on our Chromebook Pilot. My hubby had never been to a technology conference before, so he came along. It was really fun! Continue Reading →

Got to Meet Eric Sheninger

Attended a workshop at ESC 11, sponsored by TASA, featuring Eric Sheninger. I am leading a book study with the administrators at KMS and was really excited to get to hear him in person. I was NOT disappointed. Sheninger has all the great quotes, a slick presentation, and a northern accent that is so different from our Texas drawl…but even better…he’s got the PROOF that what he talks…he walks. Continue Reading →

Runner Up

This is probably my second favorite image from TCEA 15 – where sketchnoting got really popular. Still, the content is great.

My Favorite Take-Away from TCEA

Saw Todd Nelsoney  (@TechNinjaTodd) speak at TCEA. I’d always thought he was awesome…this quote just solidified it for me. Probably had the most impact on me this week. Great quote…in your face but true.

The Cool Stuff

Here’s just some of the cool stuff from TCEA! Random post…great memories!

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Gettin’ Social TCEA Style!

Love hangin’ with my peeps at TCEA! Too much fun! Shout out to my crew from BISD, Duncanville, and Crowley for hanging out with me this week! Fun times! Continue Reading →

Awesome Teachers! Awesome Presentation!

My buddies from Kerr Middle School (yep, I call ’em the A-Team) got to present at TCEA this year. An awesome presentation about their experience with the Chromebook 1:1 roll out. They were mega-awesome and got rave reviews from the participants! Love these guys!

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Dare I Say It? Change the World!

So, apparently one of the perks of being an award finalist/winner at TCEA is that you get to sit up front for the Keynote! That’s right…within mere feet of Bill Nye the Science Guy! It was an interesting and lively keynote…my biggest take-away, I think (I’m still processing), was his comment about how WE are raising the next great generation. That’s a huge responsibility. Challenge accepted. Continue Reading →

2015 Instructional Technology Specialist of the YEAR!!!!!

Shut up! I won!!! I got Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year from TCEA! I can’t believe it! So stinkin’ awesome!!! I was really nervous and didn’t know if I’d win…but I did! Have to thank the amazing teachers and administrators that I work with every day! I couldn’t do what I do if you didn’t let me come into your schools and classrooms and get you to do all kinds of crazy stuff! My face hurts from grinning! So thrilled! Thanks for making my job the best one in the world!  Continue Reading →

That Awkward Moment When…

That awkward moment when you wind up in someone else’s Twitter pic about the line at Starbucks…while you’re Tweeting about the line at Starbucks! #bluehoodie

Who’s Got Two Thumbs And Went To Google? This Girl!

TCEA week started out with a bang…or a goo…Google, that is. We were invited to an event at the Google headquarters in Austin. You may now die of nerd-envy. LOL! Continue Reading →

Woo hoo! It’s TCEA time, baby!

So excited to be all checked in to my room in Austin! TCEA starts tomorrow. I’m good to go…got my nifty TCEA backpack, the app, and a plan! Watch out world…here I come! Excited about the awards on Tuesday night, too! So exciting to be a finalist for Instructional Technologist of the Year! Wish me luck! Lots of mini posts to follow as I reflect on the conference!

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2014 Area 10 & 11 TCEA Conference

The folks at CFBISD did a fantastic job of hosting the 2014 Area 10 & 11 TCEA Conference this weekend! It was a great day of learning with Babe’s Chicken for lunch. Who could ask for more? Here are some of the things I got out of my day:

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