TCEA 2017 – Day 5

Posted on February 10, 2017

Wow…morning got here early! I headed over to the convention center to do my volunteer shift while the rest of the gang found sessions to attend (and Heather headed home to volunteer at a special needs prom at her church!! Awesome!).

After the sessions, we met up in the main ballroom for the closing keynote! Kudos to TCEA for the snacks! We were starving! LOL…Can you look at the photo above and tell which one is me and which one is Teresa? It’s hilarious when your snack etiquette matches your personality! LOL!

Then we jumped in the car and headed for home…with the obligatory stop in West for kolaches….and one in Waco for Starbucks!

It’s going to take a few days to recoup, and go through all these amazing resources! Glad we got to go…glad to be home! Can’t wait to put these ideas into practice!


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